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Working With Us

The Office of International Research Collaboration can provide MSU faculty with a wide array of services, ranging from comprehensive proposal coordination or individual components of research proposals.

OIRC's Proposal Focus

OIRC prioritizes projects that focus on MSU's international/global research priorities (Agriculture & Food; Environment, Energy, & Water; Health & Nutrition; and Education & Engagement) and have the potential to generate significant external funding. We primarily work with large, multi-disciplinary proposals and cross-college teams. However, we are available as a resource for any international proposal-related questions or issues.

Finding Funding Opportunities

OIRC keeps abreast of funding trends and donor news, and combs through hundreds of opportunities each week. From this information, we compile and send out a weekly funding update email with market intelligence and the most promising new opportunities organized around MSU's four international research themes. Other opportunities and opportunities from past weeks can be found on our Funding Page.

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Finding a Team, Collaborators, or Partners

OIRC hosts regular faculty networking and team building events around thematic research areas or geographical areas. We also have a broad knowledge of faculty research across campus. If you are looking to build a team or find collaborators, OIRC can help. We can also connect you with partners outside of MSU.

 Overview of proposal Teaming Agreements at MSU

Maxwell Quote (2).pngBudget and MSU Routing

OIRC offers full budgetary services. We also coordinate with MSU's Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and route MSU Proposal Documents (formerly eTransmittals) necessary for proposals to be submitted. 

Important deadlines

  • 10 business days prior to due date: Draft budget due to OSP
  • 6 business days prior to due date: Final budget due to OSP; MSU Proposal Document routed

All OIRC services are subject to proposals meeting OIRC criteria and availability. Contact us for inquiries

Proposal Development and Submission

OIRC can assist with proposal coordination, decisions to bid, reviewing and editing proposals, and packaging and submission of proposals. Learn more about OIRC's proposal services.

OIRC and OSP Timeline and Deadlines

OIRC is able to offer its services based on the amount of lead time we receive before a proposal is due; with more lead time, OIRC can offer more assistance. Please contact us as soon as your team decides it may want OIRC support. We cannot guarantee we will be able to provide services to proposals with impending deadlines.

Learn more about proposal timelines and deadlines.